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  • - The most advanced anti-aging theory
  • - Human cell extract (human stem cell) highly blended
  • - Using Asahi Kasei's continuous-filament nonwoven fabric "Bemliese"
  • - Face pack specialized for aging care and moisture retention
  • - For weekly special skin care
High density Beauty Face Pack

URURU in ONE moist & vitalize essence

High density Beauty Face Pack 66 ml 3 sheets included
Price : 4,500JPY

URURU in ONE High density Beauty Face Pack URURU in ONE High-density Beauty face pack

"Human cell extract" born from regenerative medicine technology composes cytokines (signaling substances which is key of cellular activity) of various growth factors that help cellular activity, extracellular matrix protein such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, enzymes such as SOD (antioxidant enzyme) that eliminate active oxygen which causes aging, and vitamins. It brings beauty effect such as moisturizing, whitening, activation of metabolism, promotation of blood circulation and anti-inflammatory.
It also prolongs the life of stem cells of skin, retards the aging of important cells, and activates the healing power of cells.
Recovery from UV damage and maintenance of moisture are also achieved.
"High density Beauty Face Pack" is highly blended of "Human Cell Extract" which is called as expert of anti-aging, that all women are dreaming of.
It dramatically activates your skin and revitalizes the natural beauty.

  • - The most advanced anti-aging theory
  • - Grape cell extract (grape stem cells) high blended
  • - Sagging and dullness under eyes, can be used for all kind of wrinkles
  • - Rejuvenate of eyes, brings bright and clear skin
  • - Large volume of 30g.
URURU in ONE Around the eyes and wrinkles cream

URURU in ONE Around the eyes and wrinkles cream

Around the eyes and wrinkles cream 30g
Price : 18,000JPY

URURU in ONE Around the eyes and wrinkles cream URURU in ONE around the eyes & wrinkle cream

Againg appear around eyes. The sagging or dullness, wrinkles make the impression of face turn dark.
"Around the eyes and wrinkle cream" solves these problems with blending of "grape cell extract".
It also richly contains high quality peptide material.
Use it spreading the cream around the eyes. You will be suprised with the different after using it for 7 days.
Large volume as a eye cream, it contains 30g, that enough to use not only for eyes but also the wrinkles on neck or smile lines.
We highly recommend the top level beauty cream of URURUinONE.

  • - With the most advanced anti-aging theory
  • - High rate of Applecell extract (apple stem cells)
  • - Atelo-collagen & Resveratrol blended
  • - Activate skin cells, regain resilience and moisture.
  • - Make your skin soft like a velvet
URURU in ONE moist & vitalize essence

URURU in ONE moist & vitalize essence

Moist & Vitalize Essence 100mL
Price : 11,000JPY

URURU in ONE moist & vitalize essence URURU in ONE moist & vitalize essence

Fixing skin's texture to keep the smoothness. Bringing the feel of resilience and tightness through the touching.
If you found your skin became more radiant because the gaining of clearness, it must be the effect of "Applecell extract (apple stem cells).
"Applecell extract" extends the life of skin stem cells, slow down the aging of important cells, and activates the cell's curative power.
This product of course, gives the effect to recover from UV damage and maintenance of moisture.
"Anti-aging" is that women are all dreaming.

"Moist & Vitalize Essence" is highly blended of "Appcell Extract" which is called as expert of anti-aging.
"Moist & Vitalize Essence" is very rich but it turns light to be absorbed after using on skin.
It moisturizes the skin and make it feel like a velvet.
You will feel the moisture increasing day by day, and skin lotion or cream will be no need anymore.

The "Moist & Vitalize Essence" is a totally skin care which can be used on face, neck, every part of body bringing the luxurious moisture.

  • - Release the nature power of skin, bring up the brightness from inside body.
  • - Spreading out the internal moisturizing and beauty.
  • - Using nano collagen with absorption rate more than 90%.
  • - Anti-glycosylated, antioxidant ingredients blended.
  • - Multi beauty supplement combined with a wide range of beauty ingredients.
Uruoi Collagen 62 sticks
Monde Selection Gold Prize

URURU in ONE moist internal solution suppli

Uruoi Collagen 62 sticks
Price : 6,385JPY

Uruoi Collagen 62 sticks URURU in ONE moist internal solution suppli

Saccharification and oxidation which occur in human beings, are that we can not prevent.
Every breath makes oxidation , and every meal makes saccharification, that both are nature providence.
They are not only giving affection to the health but also beauty.
But if there are supplements that can stop them....?
Nano collagen for moisture, ceramide, proteoglycan, hyaluroic acid.
French "Rousselot company" marine collagen are used.
It melts quickly under 10 degrees and with absorptance higher than 90%.
Sakura flower extract and 4 kinds of herbs for anti-glycation, alonia and resveratrol for antioxidant, are blended.
Others include vitamins and calcium.
As a supplement using daily, it was made under 7.6kcal and in peach flavour.
"Uruoi Collagen" keeps the drying, saccharification and oxidation away from you.

  • - Giving deep moisture and glossy.
  • - Keep away from skin trouble.
  • - Full of moisture from 3 kinds of collagen and 3 kinds of hyaluronic acid.
  • - Anti-saccharification and antioxidant ingredients regain the shiny skin.
  • - Medicated whitening skin gel after allergy testing practiced.
URURU in ONE Gel 60g

URURU in ONE moist skin solution gel

Medicated whitening skin gel

Moist Skin solution gel 60g
Price : 6,118JPY

URURU in ONE Gel 60g URURU in ONE moist skin solution gel

There is a natural cream called sebum membrane cover our skin.
However, after washing face, the skin is very vulnerable.
What we should do in this moment is, give a lot of moisture and a little oil to it.
If too much oil is given, the sebum will not work well and eventually became the cause of dry skin.
Three kinds of collagen and three kinds of hyaluronic acid is blended for moisturizing.
A finely moisturizing sheet will be made to keeping the skin under moisture.
With antioxidant ingredient Marronnier extract and antioxidant ingredient vitamin E, it keeps away from the dulless.
Helping the skin metabolism and prevents the sagging.
To protect the delicate skin, squalence and shea butter are blended,which are similar to human sebum, giving natural moisture.
To protect the damaged from ultraviolet rays, arbutin is blended, keeping the clearness of skin.
"Uruusuin" contains many moisturizing and active ingredients, continuously keeping your skin under moisture.

  • - Able to feel the moisturizing just at the moment when you put it on.
  • - A drop of magic that lead your skin to perfect condition.
  • - 100% hyaluronic acid that no further explaination needed.
  • - All will start from the moment you put it on.
  • - Large volume avalible to use not only on face but whole body.
Hyaluronic Acid

C3 100 colonial conc.cosmetic

C3 100 Pure Hyaluronic acid 100ml
Price : 12,000JPY

Hyaluronic Acid 100ml C3 100 colonial conc.cosmetic

Do not be surprised with the thickness, which because it is 100% raw.
1g of hyaluronic acid can hold 6000ml moisture and it exist every part of human body.
Skin care is a matter of course for women.
Hyaluronic acid is an important existence that help to remain the elasticity and freshness by connecting cells and cells together.
The hyaluronic acid which is originally exists begins to decline as we get ages.
"100% pure hyaluronic acid" holds moisture in the stratum corneum firmly and keep it out from drying.
And it brings moisture, elasticity and gloss to the skin.
Your skin turn gently, softly, that you can not help touching it.

  • - Feeling like wrapped in a soft veil and be protected.
  • - Supplement of oil for keeping high condition.
  • - Remain the fleshness of skin.
  • - 100% pure squalane that no further explaination needed.
  • - Large capacity avalible to use not only on face but whole body.
C3 100 Pure Squalane

C3 100 Pure Squalane

C3 100 Pure Squalane 100ml
Price 12,000JPY

C3 100 Pure Squalane C3 100 Pure Squalane

Squalane originally exist in human body.
Most of it is contained in sebum, it is also a component of natural cream "sebum membrane" to protect our skin.
Sebum membrane protects our skin from lot of irritation, moisturizes our skin, brings smoothness, and activates the metabolism.
They are all necessary for keeping our skin youthful.
As getting ages, this natural cream became thinner and our skin is exposed to dry.
"100% pure squalane" appear to protect our skin from drying and various irritation.
Regains the smoothness and vital power, brings clear skin, gently protects it like wrapping with a veil.
Enveloped with comfort, feeling the warmth, it stay close to your skin everyday.
* "Pure Squalane 100%" is a using primary materials from shark.
* Since we are using the ingredient "squalane" that originally exsit in the body, it can be also used on delicate skin.